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Apple launched Special Dark Mode Feature

When Apple launched iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 in September, they also added some interesting new features. The special Dark mode is one of the outstanding features. This saves your phone’s battery life and it’s easy on the eyes, especially if you’re in low-light environments.

Switch to dark mode

Want to give your eyes a break? Try switching to dark mode. Here’s how to access it on your iPhone:

  • Go to settings and tap Display and Brightness.
  • Go to the Appearance section and choose Dark.

You also have the option to automatically switch your device to dark or light mode, depending on the time of day. You can do this by going to Settings. Click View and Brightness. Enable the automatic option.

Applications That Support Dark Mode

Not all apps can automatically run dark mode with your iOS update. Some of them need to be updated manually so that you can access the dark themes designed by the developers. Go to the App Store to update your apps. Open the Account Settings page under the account icon. Find and click on the available updates. Once you see all the applications with pending updates, you can update them one by one or all at once using the Update All option.

Apps curated by Apple

Here are some of the applications compiled by Apple that support dark mode. Note that these applications are quite limited in their scope:

* Evernote

* Microsoft OneNote

• Cloudy

* Shipowner 4

* Serial Reader-Classic Books

Applications That Support Their Own Mode Settings

Here is a wider range of third-party applications that support their own version of dark mode. To access these applications, you may need to go to their settings and enable or disable the appearance settings (iA Writer) or display and sound settings (Twitter).

On Facebook Messenger

* aI Editor

* IMDb

* Instagram

* Pinterest


• Soft

• Twitter

* Wikipedia

* YouTube

• Google Map

For Google Maps, the Dark mode is automatic if you are browsing at night. However, you can still use the night mode during the day. To do this, open Google Maps. Go to Settings, then to Navigation. Go to the map view, then click Night.


In addition to Dark Mode, Apple introduced several new features with iOS 13, such as new privacy features. They have also rolled out a new and improved reminders app. If you want to upgrade your phone to use the new features of iOS 13, you can opt for an iPhone swap to get rid of an old model. This way you can keep the phone out of landfills, do your part for the Earth, while earning extra money for it. iOS 13’s dark mode is a welcome addition to Apple’s set of add-ons. What do you think of this new feature? What apps do you like to use in dark mode?

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