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iPados13 Offers New Upgrades Feature to Users

Since its arrival on September 24, the iPad OS has focused on offering users the “signature iPad experience”. Apple separated the iPhone and iPad with the iOS13 and a special operating system for the iPad, which they called the ipados 13. This operating system has features similar to iOS 13, such as dark mode. Apple has also introduced iPad-specific features for this version, such as split-screen views and mouse functionality.

New features to get you excited

If you use an iPad for work, here are some of the new features in ipados 13 that you are excited about:


You can now edit your videos using the Photos app, which has received a significant upgrade. You can crop, adjust the brightness of the video and even apply filters to your videos. if you are not satisfied with the final result a few days after editing, you can always go back to the original video.

QuickPath Keyboard

Using the QuickPath or “swipe” keyboard, you can now type using the floating keyboard simply by dragging your finger over the keys.

Improved Multitasking Capabilities

You can now stack sliding applications in order to create a utility belt for all the applications you want to monitor or work on. The new split view also allows you to view the same application on both halves of your screen.

More room for creativity and collaboration

The ipados has a new menu that gives faster access to color palettes, shapes and other editing tools. For those who work with the Apple Pencil, this is certainly good news. You can also use Apple Pencil to annotate and send documents or emails. Do you want to work together? The new Sidecar function turns your iPad into a second screen. Now you can also mirror your Mac screen to your iPad.

Text editing

Updates on iPadOS make it easier to navigate and edit a document. Enhanced gesture controls allow you to select text by tapping and swiping. You can copy, cut and paste text by pinching three fingers. Are you planning to cancel or redo any changes? Use a three-finger swipe to do this.


The main question to ask yourself now is: Can your existing iPad run the recent version of this operating system? The iPadOS is compatible with many versions of iPad, from the iPad Air 2 to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. However, if you decide to upgrade and notice that your iPad may be slower, it is because each new version of the operating system may require more processing power. If you want to upgrade, but your models are not compatible with iPadOS, you can sell tablets to earn extra money online or in attics. You can also revive old units by reusing them instead of keeping them in storage. The new iPadOS aims to offer users a more dedicated and simplified iPad experience. App updates and subtle improvements to the new operating system help make the iPad experience more exciting and user-friendly.

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